Permabond’s new UV639 adhesive is now available in a convenient kit, including a UV curing torch - ideal for bonding acrylic sneeze screens and shop fittings

PERMABOND® UV639 UV-curing adhesive is a new acrylic bonder, or "acrylic adhesive" i.e. it is ideal for bonding acrylic (Perspex®, PLEXIGLASS®, PMMA), as well as difficult to bond plastics such as PET-G

Anaerobic threaded pipe sealants are generally not suitable for use on pure oxygen pipework connections, but Permabond’s MH052 thread sealant is an exception. It has BAM approval for use with pure oxygen up to 10 bar / 60°C and does n...

Following the announcement by the Italian government that all but essential businesses had to cease their operations, we are very proud to announce that Permabond's production facilities in Milan, are allowed to remain fully operation...

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