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E-Mobility Batteries

Adhesive for bonding battery packs to help with thermal management.

E-Mobility Batteries

This fast-developing market has a high demand for adhesive with specialist properties. 

Permabond has developed a range of suitable adhesives for a variety of battery-related applications:

· Potting of connectors and bonding pyrotechnic disconnect units

· Potting battery cells

· Bonding cells into modules

· Bonding modules to heat sinks or cooling plates

· Sealing / gasketing the battery pack

· Encapsulation and potting of other sensitive electronic components

· High strength bonding of hydrogen fuel cell graphite plates

Developments include thermally conductive adhesives for fast transfer of heat. Fire retardant and high dielectric strength adhesives for preventing short circuits and reducing risk of battery fire. 

STOP PRESS!!! New technology (patent pending). Permabond has developed a lightweight, thermally conductive foaming adhesive for botting battery cells, helping to conduct heat away effectively.  This means lighter-weight batteries - better vehicle performance and economy (or more lightweight goods / tools if the battery is for an appliance). 

Contact Permabond’s technical team for help choosing or developing a suitable

solution to your e-battery application.

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