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  • Toughened, excellent impact and vibration resistance.
  • Good gap fill ability. Ideal for vertical application.
  • Slow cure (ideal for large areas or where accurate alignment is required).
  • Mixing nozzles supplied.
  • Full cure at room temperature or can be heat cure for faster setting time.



Permabond ET538 1 x 50ml Cartridge

SKU: WS-ET538-1X50ML
  • Check out the images section under each product for advice on which is the best method of dispensing adhesive. All products mentioned are available to purchase here on our website under the "Other items" tab, with the exception of 290-320ml Single part epoxy gun. These can be obtained from any DIY retailer for around �4-�6 (common search terms are: Mastic gun / Caulking Gun / Skeleton Gun) and can then also be used with our gun converters to adapt for use with 50ml cartridges.

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