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High temperature resistant anaerobic gasketmaker


  • Toughened, slightly flexible - excellent impact and vibration resistance.
  • High temperature resistance - to 200C.
  • Seals between metal faces / flanges (up to 0.5mm gap) and bolt holes.
  • Replaces conventional paper / cork / rubber or silicone gaskets.
  • Makes all sizes / shapes of gasket with one product (no need to hold specific pre-cut gasket in stock).
  • Will not deteriorate over time - no need to replace / service, no risk of loose particles damaging valves etc.
  • Does not require tightening after "bedding-in" unlike conventional gaskets.
  • Can be removed if necessary.
  • Excellent resistance to water, chemicals and automotive fluids (fuel, oil, brake fluid, antifreeze etc.).
  • Easy to apply, rapid cure speed with good instant pressure sealing ability.



Permabond MH196 1 x 75ml accordian bottle

SKU: WS-MH196-1X75ML
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