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  • Back to Black (Magic)

    Today, our focus is on a real Permabond classic, one of our most sought-after products over the years - Permabond 737. Also known as 'Black Magic' for its distinctive colour and remarkable adhesion capabilities, this toughened cyanoacrylate has garnered widespread use and remains a highly dependable bonding solution across various industries. Permabond 737 stands out among cyanoacrylates due to its unique attributes, including its toughness, colour, and flexibility. Unlike conventional cyanoacrylates, this adhesive offers superior temperature resistance (up to 120°C), peel strength, and impact resistance. While cyanoacrylates typically exhibit brittleness, Permabond 737 boasts a peel strength of 40-60 N/25mm and an impact strength of 5-10 kJ/m², demonstrating its durability and resilience. Moreover, owing to its toughening and increased flexibility, Permabond 737 is well-suited for bonding dissimilar surfaces, and minimises susceptibility to thermal shock or variations in substrate expansion and contraction coefficients. Its flexibility allows for better adhesion even on challenging substrates like zinc, where conventional cyanoacrylates may fail. Key features of Permabond 737 'Black Magic' include: ·         Excellent gap filling capabilities (up to 0.5mm) ·         Rapid curing time ·         Toughened, offers high impact resistance ·         Outstanding flexibility and peel strength ·         Good temperature resistance ·         Jet black colour, ideal for dark substrates ·         No mixing required ·         Easy dispensing by hand or through automated equipment Permabond 737 bonds well to a wide range of substrates. It’s particularly well-suited to rubber bonding due to its rubber toughening. It also exhibits strong adhesion on various metals and plastics. When used with Permabond POP Primer, it bonds exceptionally well to materials such as PTFE, PP, PE, and silicone. Applications of Permabond 737 'Black Magic' include: ·         Rubber anti-fatigue mats (e.g., cashier mats in shops) ·         Vehicle boarding steps (found in buses, military vehicles) ·         Antenna cables ·         Automotive components such as pedals and steering wheels ·         Sealing fireworks ·         Agricultural equipment ·         Hunting guns ·         Mining machinery ·         Magnet bonding …and numerous other applications! For those in the UK interested in trying out Permabond 737, sample cartridges are available for purchase on our webshop. To learn more about this adhesive or discuss its suitability for your specific application, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

  • 130UV - The Shadow Bonder with a Light Touch

    Permabond is excited to introduce its latest adhesive innovation, Permabond 130UV. This low-viscosity, solvent-free adhesive cures both in the presence of moisture and upon exposure to UV light, seamlessly integrating the advantages of both of these technologies. Achieving a tack-free bond within seconds, Permabond 130UV boasts a crystal-clear finish without leaving any residue or marks that may attract fluff. Its unique dual-curing capability ensures full cure even in shadow areas untouched by normal UV light, while establishing a robust bond on both transparent and opaque substrates. Instant UV-curing the adhesive prevents adhesive blooming, a common issue with single-cure cyanoacrylate adhesives. This versatile adhesive bonds well to various substrates such as metals, plastics and rubber. Its moisture-curing feature makes it particularly effective on rubber, distinguishing it from conventional UV adhesives. Key Features & Benefits: ·         Dual-curing: merges cyanoacrylate and UV adhesive advantages ·         Cures shadow areas untouched by UV light ·         Excellent bonding on diverse substrates ·         Non-tacky with a smooth finish ·         RoHS compliant ·         Rapid cure time ·         Low hazard SDS Moreover, Permabond 130UV offers a good open time, facilitating precise alignment of parts before bonding. Target Applications for 130UV Dual-Cure Adhesive: ·         Applications with possible shadow bonding areas (e.g., PCBs) ·         Fillet bonding ·         Automotive interiors ·         Electronics applications, including multi-substrate bonding ·         Small gap filling ·         Jewellery ·         Needle bonding With outstanding environmental resistance and successful completion of 85/85 testing (85°C/85% relative humidity), Permabond 130UV is an ideal choice for electronics and automotive applications. Its reactivity enables it to achieve a tack-free finish within seconds, even with a low-power UV torch. For more information on this groundbreaking adhesive or any inquiries, feel free to contact us.

  • 712 Water resistant cyanoacrylate

    Permabond is excited to introduce 712, a cyanoacrylate adhesive with low viscosity and excellent water resistance which has successfully passed rigorous 85/85 automotive ageing tests. Once cured, 712 exhibits exceptional underwater resistance and performs well in hot and humid conditions, making it a unique addition to our product range! Key Features: Good water and heat resistance Fast cure (within seconds) High strength Bonds effectively to most surfaces User-friendly application Permabond 712 forms strong bonds on various substrates, including metals, plastics, and rubbers. Its adhesion to rubber is particularly advantageous, considering that many underwater adhesive applications such as pipe seals, gaskets, and valve seatings make use of this substrate. Aside from water resistance, 712 offers excellent thermal resistance, maintaining 80% strength after 100 hours at 120°C on mild steel. It withstands continuous exposure to this temperature and can even endure brief periods at 150°C. The adhesive also boasts great resistance to humidity and moisture, retaining 90% of its strength during 85/85 testing (85% relative humidity / 85°C). Additionally, it exhibits excellent chemical resistance to oils and automotive fluids. Target Applications & Benefits of 712 Water-Resistant Cyanoacrylate: Permabond 712 is ideal for various applications, including: Applications needing to withstand continuous water exposure Rubber seals and gaskets for pipes Rubber seatings in valves Automotive interiors Sports equipment Prosthetics and disability aids Jewellery & embellishments Household appliances (e.g., fridges and washing machines) Other benefits of this adhesive include a rapid, room temperature cure, high bond strength, and easy dispensing. It can be dispensed by hand or used with automatic dispensing equipment, facilitating a faster production process. The cured adhesive is clear, colourless, discreet, and solvent-free. It's important not to use primers or activators (e.g., Permabond POP Primer or QFS16) before applying this adhesive, as they may interfere with its water-resistant properties. Permabond 712 is competitively priced, providing financial savings, along with process and production efficiency, in addition to its performance benefits. So, water-you waiting for? If you're looking for a cyanoacrylate that offers cost savings, performance improvements, and long-term durability for underwater or environmentally exposed bonded joints, look no further! Contact us to learn more about pricing or ask any questions you may have.

  • Ready for Action Adhesive

    Permabond Europe is excited to introduce its latest toughened acrylic adhesive, Permabond TA4208 Black. This innovative product has been formulated with the ever-expanding composite materials market in mind. Engineered to accommodate a diverse range of industries, the versatile TA4208 Black is truly a must-have adhesive. This two-part, 1:1 toughened acrylic is user-friendly, perfect for application with a dispensing gun. Notably, its high viscosity and non-slumping nature make it ideal for vertical uses and gap filling. Its standout feature lies in its surface adhesion technology, allowing it to bond through oxide layers or oily surfaces, thus eliminating the need for extensive surface preparation. This is a big time-saver, especially for fast production lines. Additionally, its rapid strength development further underscores its time-efficient qualities, achieving high peel and shear strength within just 20 minutes after bonding. TA4208 Black exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide array of substrates such as metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, and woods, and bonds dissimilar surfaces well. Specifically tailored for bonding composites, its controlled flow and jet black finish offer precise application, while enabling seamless integration with carbon fibre and facilitating production uniformity. Applications for this adhesive span various industries, including automotive, wind turbines, sports equipment, and medical devices like prosthetics. Its superior environmental and chemical resistance make it an ideal choice for outdoor or chemical-exposed applications in automotive or medical sectors. For further details or to discuss specific applications, please get in touch with us!

  • EV Charging Point Adhesives

    The world is changing rapidly, and with it, the number of people who are charging rapidly. Whether due to government incentives to do so, the feel-good factor of going green, or the desire to keep up with the latest trends, more and more people are now turning to electric vehicles (EVs) for their next car purchase. This in turn has led to huge opportunities for manufacturers of EV charging points. Indeed, the worldwide market for these is predicted to grow to a staggering 111.9 billion USD by 2028. Compared to its 17.6 billion value in 2021, this is growth worth shouting about. Yet despite these strong forecasts, the EV charging industry currently faces niggling reliability issues. Recent investigations have shown that in some areas of the UK, up to 10% of charging points aren’t working on a given day, with this figure at around 20% in the US. In order for the electric vehicle industry to reach its full potential, these reliability issues need solving, and quickly. Reliability, and the subsequent role of adhesives in EV charging point manufacture Part of this reliability problem is caused by inadequate software, like payment systems not working or charging point apps crashing. Another part of the issue comes down to less than optimal build quality of the charging unit, which seems to be an issue for manufacturers both big and small. Enter stage right: EV charging point adhesives! The right adhesive serves to ensure a stronger, more reliable charging unit that can better withstand both internal and external stressors, such as harsh weather conditions. Secondly, as a result of this, they help to keep repair and servicing costs down. The right adhesive also ensures that servicing, when required, can be carried out easily, all the while offering top-notch protection to the charging unit when it isn’t. They typically also offer heat and other types of resistance due to how hot these charging units can become. Here at Permabond, we consider our adhesive offerings to be a great match for the EV charging point market. We have adhesives that serve a variety of different applications within this industry, which you can find listed below. EV charging point adhesive applications Potting adhesives for EV charger connectors: The role of potting adhesives in EV charger connector cables is critical. They ensure a stronger, more durable charging cable by encapsulating the components within the connector housing. They also keep the electrical wiring within the charger firmly in place. These connectors are put in and pulled out of car chargers multiple times a day. Therefore, any adhesive used must be tough and able to withstand heat, impact, and also fire. Our MT382 modified 2-part epoxy is ideal for potting these applications. It offers excellent adhesion to nylon, ABS, polycarbonate and other plastics, as well as various metals. It’s black and curable at different mix ratios depending on the level of flexibility required in the final product. A fully fire-retardant version is available on request – contact Permabond for more information and to discuss your project needs. Threadlocking: Permabond offers a variety of threadlockers to suit almost any application. Our HH131 anaerobic threadlocker has very high heat resistance (up to 230°C). A1042 has a rapid cure and high impact resistance, as well as being heat resistant up to 150°C. This adhesive, in particular, is great for assembling metal parts that may need to be disassembled and/or repaired later on, as is our MM115 medium-strength threadlocker. Gasketing: LH197 is a highly flexible metal gasketing adhesive, ideal for bonding dissimilar metals where differential thermal expansion and contraction might be an issue. MH196 offers less flexibility but excellent heat resistance, up to 200°C. Our TA4611 toughened acrylic adhesive is great for bonding plastic EV charger housing units. Conformal Coatings: Permabond UV681 UV-light curing adhesive is ideally suited for conformal coating applications such as those found in both AC and DC charging stations. It has low viscosity which ensures a smooth, bubble-free coating, as well as high temperature resistance. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the solutions that we offer for the EV charging industry. For more information about our offerings or to discuss a custom product, check out our EV charging points brochure, or alternatively please get in touch with us.

  • Permabond F201HV - New hydrogen-ready, toughened, anaerobic sealant!

    Permabond launches new hydrogen-ready, toughened, anaerobic sealant F201HV! Permabond F201HV meets the requirements of Inorm KE214 and has been approved for use with hydrogen by official gas testing organisation KIWA. This high strength, high performance toughened anaerobic adhesive is a breakthrough for the gas industry. In a bid to counteract global gas shortages and reduce gas costs for customers, the industry has been exploring the option of mixing hydrogen with natural gas for domestic supplies. With this comes certain challenges as hydrogen molecules are much smaller, more searching and more explosive than natural gas molecules. It is therefore essential that gas connections and pipe joints are sealed securely, with a sealant approved for use with hydrogen. Permabond F201HV can be used to seal threaded metal pipe joints, or it can be used on concentric metal parts that slot together. Unlike conventional anaerobic thread sealants, F201HV is not brittle. Its core-shell toughening enables the cured material to flex, allowing for differential thermal expansion and contraction, and meaning that it can be used to seal dissimilar metals, such as brass and copper. Permabond F201HV is the ideal sealant for manufacturers and installers of hydrogen-ready boilers, cookers, gas meters, heating systems and pipework. Its high strength, toughened formulation provides a permanent sealing solution, reducing the risk of loosening, accidental damage or tampering, all of which could otherwise result in hydrogen leakage. For further information, to discuss your application or to request a sample, please contact your friendly Permabond technical team at

  • High Performance Adhesives Now Available in Dual Syringes - No Gun Needed!

    Permabond has launched a number of its popular, high-performance two-component adhesives in dual syringes - this means users can easily dispense the adhesive without the need of a dispensing gun. Products can be mixed via static mixing nozzle, so no weighing or manual mixing is required, keeping the application process simple, quick and clean. Range Summary: Permabond ET5003 – Newly launched metal-repair compound with a rapid cure at room temperature. This material has a metallic appearance and solid – allowing sanding and painting if required. It is suitable for fixing or rebuilding damaged metal parts such as splines, gears, keyways, worn bearings or for the structural bonding of metal components. It forms high strength bonds and has great resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Permabond ET500 – This epoxy product has been popular amongst engineers for many years. It has a 3-5 min gel time and a clear / colourless appearance. It is ideal for general purpose applications, bonding a wide variety of materials including metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, composites and many more substrates. Permabond TA4204 – This has a very fast cure and rapid strength development. It is supplied with a mixing nozzle but can also be used without*. It cures to give a clear, colourless, aesthetically pleasing finish. This makes it ideal for transparent plastics such as acrylic and polycarbonate (or tradename materials such as Plexiglas, Perspex etc). It also forms a high strength structural bond with metal and composite material, the product has rubber toughening so great resistance to impact and vibration stresses. *Bead on bead – suitable where components parts are in close contact i.e. no gap. Permabond TA4207 – This product is every engineer’s dream, it tolerates unprepared surfaces such as oily steel and oxide layers on metals (such as aluminium), meaning cleaning and abrading processes needn’t be so laborious. This breakthrough in adhesive technology helps save time on production lines and reduces the need for solvent cleaners in the workplace. TA4207 can be used to bond nearly everything apart from low surface energy plastics. Permabond TA4611 is for low surface energy plastics but is quite capable of bonding various other materials as well, so it is a good choice if you don’t know the type of plastic you’re bonding or have other unknown materials requiring bonding. There is no need to carry out any flame, corona or plasma treatment (which can be quite costly), and with no need to use any etching solution – a big benefit for CoSHH. Permabond TA4631 is a no-odour version of TA4611 which is ideal for workplaces where ventilation is difficult or where there is concern over residual odour on a bonded assembly – for example automotive interior applications. For further information, details of stockists or pricing, please contact our Permabond team at If you wish to try a sample, products are available from our online shop.

  • Structural adhesives for composites - carbon fibre, FRP/GRP, honeycomb panels and more...

    New for 2022: - Nylon bonder - Fire retardant grades for architectural cladding - Light weight expanding foam adhesive for E-vehicle batteries Come and speak to our technical sales engineers and let us help you overcome your bonding challenges. We'll be on stand V100 in hall 3A (composites) - right by the entrance! Click on the image (left) to register for your visitor's badge.

  • Permabond ET5428 structural epoxy for composites, metals, ceramics and plastics - even PEEK & PBT!

    Permabond’s structural epoxy adhesive, ET5428 has been successfully used for many years by engineers and manufacturers, for the structural bonding of metals, composites, ceramics and plastics. Available in both cream and charcoal to match GRP and carbon fibre, this two-part epoxy is a firm favourite particularly in the composites industry where it provides the ultimate in adhesive performance, in applications in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors to name just a few. Many engineers and buyers are currently looking for reliable sources of high-performance composite bonding adhesives due to industry supply shortages. Permabond welcomes enquiries from customers looking for urgent and reliable structural bonding epoxies and with sites in the UK and Europe, we are able to offer a rapid sampling service. Our technical engineers are on hand to discuss your application, check suitability and compare against products you may be looking to replace. Features of Permabond ET5428 include: · Gel time 10-20 minutes with handling time achieved at 30-40 minutes* · Up to 5 mm gap fill · Very high bond strength to composites, metals and plastics · Can be used on difficult-to-bond filled plastics such as PEEK · Good temperature resistance · Toughened (so not brittle) – ideal for dissimilar materials where differential thermal expansion could be an issue · Resistant to thermal shock · Excellent vibration resistance, great impact resistance · Very high peel strength (10 times higher than regular epoxies) · Proven for long-term bonding, excellent environmental resistance · Available in cream to match GRP or in charcoal grey to match carbon fibre substrates · Can be purchased in 50ml or 400ml dual cartridges or in bulk pails or drums ET5428 is quick and simple to use. It can be dispensed from a cartridge with a mixing nozzle directly onto substrate materials or it can be pumped from bulk containers through metered dispensing equipment on a production line. *If a slower cure time is required, Permabond offers ET5429 which has a 2-4 hour pot life. Don’t delay, contact Permabond today:

  • New Permabond ET5422 Structural Epoxy with Astronomical Performance!

    New Permabond ET5422 structural epoxy with astronomical performance is launched! This new ultra high strength two-part epoxy adhesive was originally developed for a spacecraft project and later adopted by an aircraft parts manufacturer. ET5422 offers high peel strength and achieves exceptionally high structural bond strength and performance. The material is fully toughened with second generation core shell rubber technology, to offer excellent impact, vibration, peel and shear strength. Permabond ET5422 is a highly versatile adhesive, providing high strength adhesion to a wide range of engineering materials and is ideal for replacing welding. It allows greater freedom of material selection with its ability to bond dissimilar materials and creates an impervious seal against moisture and chemicals. It can also be used instead of mechanical fasteners, helping to keep assemblies lightweight and rattle free. By not having to drill and fix parts, the processing is much easier - and with no damage to the integral strength of the substrate. This easy-to-use room temperature curing epoxy adhesive consists of resin and hardener and is supplied in convenient dual cartridges for dispensing via a handgun. Adhesive is mixed and dispensed via static mixing nozzles. It can also be supplied in bulk for use with automatic dispensing equipment. Full cure can be achieved at room temperature, although cure times can be reduced with the application of heat. Permabond believes the use of this adhesive should not be limited to aircraft and space rocket manufacturers and that other industrial users should have access to it to maximise the performance of their bonded assemblies. Manufacturers of sports equipment, automotive parts, marine and prosthetics to name just a few - its uses are quite diverse. Typical shear strengths of substrates bonded with Permabond ET5422: Material Shear Strength Aluminium 30 N/mm² Mild Steel 22-26 N/mm² Stainless Steel 16-20 N/mm² Hot Dip Zinc Galvanised Steel 18-22 N/mm² Carbon Fibre 20-30 N/mm² Epoxy FRP 18-25 N/mm² Polyester GRP >10 N/mm² (substrate failure) This product has been designed by UK-based chemists and is manufactured in Permabond’s factory in Hampshire, UK. Available packaging options: 10 x 50ml cartridges 6 x 400ml cartridges Bulk on request

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