• Single part, cure in tight fitting gaps on metallic surfaces

• Different viscosities and cure speeds available

• High temperature products available

• Can be applied by hand or by automated dispensing equipment for high speed production line.

• Suitable for threaded parts or coaxial joints

• Maximum gap fill 0.5mm; only cures inside joint

• The majority of Permabond anaerobics have WRAS approval for contact with drinking water


Permabond pipesealing products are found in various industries including fire protection, HVAC, valves and plumbing.

A1044 - High strength threadsealant

A129 - Medium strength

A131 - Low strength

MH052 - Oxygen approved

HM146 - KTW-DVGW approved

A1058 - Very high viscosity, slow set


Locking and sealing threaded fasteners to protect against vibration loosening, corrosion etc.

A011 - Low strength

A1042 - Rapid cure

A113 - General purpose

A126- Can be post-applied

A130 - General purpose, higher viscosity

HM129 - Permanent, good on oily surfaces

HH131 - Permanent, high temperature


Permabond's gasketing products are designed to be used instead of a pre-cut gasket. They seal between metal flange faces to provide an excellent high pressure seal against auto fluids, water, gas and many other chemicals.

A136 - General purpose

MH196 - High temperature resistant

MH199 - High temperature resistant

LH197 - Flexible


A905 - Surface activator (for passive surfaces or to speed up cure)

A1024 - Ultra-low viscosity wicking grade

A1062 - Dual cure low viscosity anaerobic / UV


High strength bonding metal parts items e.g. bearings into housings, gears onto shafts.

A025 - High temperature

A118 - Low viscosity

A126 - Wicking grade

A134 - High viscosity

F201 - Toughened, medium viscosity

F202 - Toughened, high viscosity

A1046 - Rapid cure

HM135 -Rapid cure, high temperature

HM162 - High temperature

HM163 - Ideal for stainless steel

HM165 - High temperature

HH167 - Metal repair paste

HM1642 - High strength, fast curing, ideal for stainless steel


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