Industries Served

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3D Print Infiltrants

Low odour cyanoacrylate infiltrants for strengthening
granular printed 3D models.


Range of adhesives tested and approved by
various aircraft manufacturers.


Adhesives for interior and exterior vehicle applications
and parts manufacture.


Wide range of toughened, structural adhesives
for bonding composite materials.

E-Mobility Batteries

Adhesive for bonding battery packs to help with thermal management.

Electric Motors

Fast curing, high performance toughened adhesives for magnet bonding and other motor applications.


Adhesives for potting, coating and encapsulation of electronic components and PCBs.


Potting materials for filter end caps and sealing filter seams.

Fire Protection

Sealants for sealing sprinkler pipework and sprinkler heads.

Food & Drink

FDA / EU Food grade compliant materials for bonding food production equipment, filters, strainers etc.

Gas Pipeline Restoration

Sealant materials for encapsulating gas main
pipework to prevent leakage.

Glass Industry

Crystal clear adhesives for bonding glass or
glass to metal / other materials.

Heat Exchangers

High performance adhesives for heat exchangers


Crystal clear adhesives for lighting applications.


Adhesives for all speaker applications, suitable for high speed production lines

MRO (Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul)

Wide range of sealants, threadlockers, retainers, gasket makers and general purpose "bond-all" products for maintenance,
repair and overhaul.


Adhesives for marine composites as well as
ship superstructures, engines and other machinery.

Medical Devices

Medical grade adhesives for bonding disposable
medical devices and surgical equipment.


Sealants for bullets, blanks and primer plugs.

OEM & Other

Large range of adhesives for integration into fast
moving production lines for component parts.

Pumps & Valves

Anaerobic adhesives for sealing pipework joints and adhesive for bonding valve seating material and other applications.


Structural adhesives (fire retardant products also available) for bonding a wide variety of materials found in the transport industry.

Wind Energy

Adhesives for applications within the wind turbine gearbox and rotor. Structural adhesives for wind turbine blades.

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