PP automotive application with TA4610 adhesive
Stainless steel & Carbon fibre with TA4207 adhesive
TA4204 Glass To Brass application
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These amazing products will bond untreated polypropylene and polyethylene substrates - no need for hazardous primers or expensive pre-treatments. They can be used to bond a wide variety of other materials too. Products are available in cartridges or bulk and are 1:1 mix ratio.


Permabond® TA4605 - Fast cure

Permabond® TA4610 - Medium cure

Permabond® TA4611 - Medium cure, no spacer beads for smaller gaps

Permabond® TA4620 - Slowest cure, longer pot life

Permabond® TA4630 - No odour, black
Permabond® TA4631 - No odour, smaller gap fill (no spacer beads)


Permabond® TA4207 is exceptionally high strength on metals, composites and most plastics.  It’s unique formula allows high strength bonding through surface oxide layers and oily surfaces with little or no surface preparation, providing great performance for minimal effort!

NEW Permabond® TA4207 features:

- Multi purpose, fast cure MMA.

- Very high strength on stainless steel, steel, aluminium, galvanised  zinc & plastics

- High strength on hot-dip galvanised steel,electro plated zinc and carbon fibre,

- Little or no surface prep required

- High temperature resistance

- Excellent environmental resistance

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MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) adhesives offer the ultimate in shear and peel strength performance, coupled with a high speed cure and rapid strength development.  

Permabond® TA4200 features:

- Good gap fill

- Ideal for bonding metals, plastics and composites

- Handling time 15-20 minutes


Permabond® TA4210
A slower curing version with handling strength in 30-35 minutes.


Permabond® TA4202 features:

- Popular pink & green rapid curing acrylic

- Ultra-high peel strength performance

- Handling strength in 5-10 minutes.

- Can be used with or without mixing nozzles.

Permabond® TA4204 features:

- Crystal clear

- Ideal for bonding clear Perspex, acrylic or polycarbonate displays.

- Offers a high quality finish and a quick cure time.

- Handling strength in 5-10 minutes.