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Adhesives can be used to replace welding, brazing, riveting or mechanical fastenings - this makes production processes a lot easier and cost-effective. Bonding with adhesive can also improve the component appearance and performance (better stress distribution and no damage to the substrates).


• Aircraft parts (TA4246 is aerospace approved)

• Automotive exterior components
• Lifts, stairlifts, stairs & walkways

• Sign bonding, point of sale and shopfitting

• Bus, train, tram interiors

• Vehicle conversions, campervans

• Magnet/ferrite bonding electric motors

• Loudspeaker component bonding


• Adhesives cure at room temperature

• Quick curing (seconds-minutes)

• Very high shear, peel and impact strength

• Easy to use

• Can be applied by hand or by automated dispensing equipment for high speed production line


• Steel, aluminium, zinc and other metal alloys

• Composites such as GRP, FRP and carbon fibre

• Magnets and ferrites

• Most plastics

• Wood, laminate

• Glass (selected products)

PP automotive application with TA4610 adhesive
Stainless steel & Carbon fibre with TA4207 adhesive
TA46XX Group 2021 For web.png


These amazing products will bond untreated polypropylene and polyethylene substrates - no need for hazardous primers or expensive pre-treatments. They can be used to bond a wide variety of other materials too. Products are available in cartridges or bulk and are 1:1 mix ratio.


Permabond® TA4605 - Fast cure

Permabond® TA4610 - Medium cure

Permabond® TA4611 - Medium cure, no spacer beads for smaller gaps

Permabond® TA4630 - No odour, black
Permabond® TA4631 - No odour, smaller gap fill (no spacer beads)

NEW Permabond® TA4207 features:

- Multi purpose, fast cure MMA.

- Very high strength on stainless steel, steel, aluminium, galvanised  zinc & plastics

- High strength on hot-dip galvanised steel,electro plated zinc and carbon fibre,

- Little or no surface prep required

- High temperature resistance

- Excellent environmental resistance

TA4204 Glass To Brass application
Crystal ClearPB-6566-forweb.jpg
TA439 hvac motor magnets.png
TA42XX 50ml Group-1.jpg

MMA (Methyl Methacrylate) adhesives offer the ultimate in shear and peel strength performance, coupled with a high speed cure and rapid strength development.  

Permabond® TA4200 features:

- Good gap fill

- Ideal for bonding metals, plastics and composites

- Handling time 15-20 minutes


Permabond® TA4202 features:

- Popular pink & green rapid curing acrylic

- Ultra-high peel strength performance

- Handling strength in 5-10 minutes.

- Can be used with or without mixing nozzles.

Permabond® TA4204 features:

- Crystal clear

- Ideal for bonding clear Perspex, acrylic or polycarbonate displays.

- Offers a high quality finish and a quick cure time.

- Handling strength in 5-10 minutes.

Permabond® TA4210 A slower curing version with handling strength in 30-35 minutes.

Permabond® TA4246 Resin+brush on initiator, aerospace approved.
- Fast cure at room temperature
- Excellent impact strength
- Very high shear and peel strength
- Good chemical resistance

Non-MMA Structural Adhesives

For those requiring structural adhesives without using MMA in the formulation, Permabond have a wide range of products to choose from, with many different capabilities to suit your application.

Permabond® TA437  features:
- Single part, resists up to 200°C
- Designed primarily for bonding metals, ferrites and ceramics.

- Typical fixture time when used with Initiator 41 is 20-30 secs.

- Ideal adhesive for high speed production lines.

- Can cure anaerobically if initiator not desireable, fixture time 5-10mins.

- High strength, tough, durable bonds
- Good impact resistance.

Permabond® TA430 - Resin+brush on initiator, low viscosity

Permabond® TA435 - Higher viscosity version of TA430

Permabond® TA436 - Resin+brush on initiator, resists up to 150°C
Permabond® TA439 - Resin+brush on intiator, methacrylic acid free
Permabond® TA440 Bead-on-bead, handling time <30 seconds

Permabond® TA452 - Low odour 1:1 mix ratio for bonding metals

Permabond® TA459 - Higher viscosity version of TA439
Permabond® TA4522 - 1:1 mix ratio low odour for bonding plastics

Permabond® TA4592 - 2-Part rapid cure - use with external mix equipment

TA459 streetlamps.png
TA440 dishwasher.png
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