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Adhesives for potting, coating and encapsulation of electronic components and PCBs.


This exciting and diverse market has specific adhesive requirements in terms of adhesive performance and practicality on the production line. Typical applications include:

Bonding components such as surface mount device
Soldering may not be possible on certain PCBs, especially those with components on the underside. Permabond offers products that can withstand the solder reflow process. Electrically conductive grades are also available.

Bonding heat sinks to PCBs
Permabond’s thermally conductive adhesives can help direct heat away from sensitive electronics quickly and efficiently, helping optimise thermal management for component parts.

Coatings and encapsulation of PCBs or electrical components
Tack-free UV curable resins offer a quick and easy way of protecting PCBs and attached components against the rigours of weathering, harsh environments, vibration and other stresses. Available in a range of viscosities to suit.

Potting resins – to fill around electrical components inside a housing
Products are available with specific viscosity and flow characteristics to suit the complexity of the circuitry inside the housing. Permabond offers flexible MT potting products for applications where fragile components need an adhesive that can flex to cope with expansion and contraction of components without exerting stress onto sensitive parts. Product developments include fire retardant grades, low exotherm materials, high dielectric strength products to prevent arcing.

Wire tacking
Low-odour non-blooming adhesives are available which can be coupled with activator for a quick method of securing wires in place in seconds.

Bonding plastic housing
Bond and seal plastic components housing electronic circuitry – Permabond cyanoacrylates are ideal for this and get the job done in seconds. For black coloured components, the low odour-non-blooming range is worth considering.

Permabond’s new innovations include Permabond 825 patented high temperature cyanoacrylate – can resist temperatures in excess of 200°C and cures at room temperature! Fixture time is just seconds - so is perfect for a high-speed production line.

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