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Fire Protection

Sealants for sealing sprinkler pipework and sprinkler heads.

Fire Protection

ermabond offers anaerobic threadsealant / pipesealant adhesives for sealing sprinkler pipework systems. Anaerobic threadsealants can be used on both wet riser and dry riser sprinkler systems. 

High viscosity sealant – Permabond A1058 is suitable for use on larger diameter pipework. As it has a slow cure it allows ample time for directional alignment. It is easy to use and helps lubricate the joint as it is assembled, reducing the risk of cross-threading. Its high viscosity gives a good instant pressure seal.

Permabond A131 is a popular threadsealant for use on finer threads such as sealing between the sprinkler and the pipework, it allows good coverage within the threads to prevent any water leakage which could cause damage to ceiling panels.

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