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Glass Industry

Crystal clear adhesives for bonding glass or glass to metal / other materials.

Glass Industry

Permabond offers a comprehensive range of UV cure adhesives which offer crystal clear, strong and durable bonds on glass and many other substrates. Products cure in seconds when exposed to UV light so offer a quick and easy method of bonding glass. No mixing is required and their crystal clear, non-yellowing formulations give an excellent aesthetically pleasing finish, as well as offer extremely high strength performance.

Bonding glass is a great way of adding hinges, profiles, fixtures and fittings without having to drill the glass – reducing chance of breakage, minimising processing time, and helping maintain the integrity of the glass pane. Also, the adhesive can be used to create a 100% seal against leaks or moisture ingress.

Permabond also offers clear two-component structural acrylic adhesive which can provide high performance adhesion onto glass and other substrates, while still maintaining a pleasing visual finish. Permabond MS359 Clear is a crystal-clear MS Polymer adhesive which is applied in a similar way you would a bathroom sealant. It gives a clear flexible bond and works extremely well on glass.

Typical applications include:

· Bonding decorative window bevels

· Bonding glass to metal for furniture and architectural fittings

· Frameless corner windows

· Display cases and cabinets

· Fastener-free hinges and knobs e.g. on shower screens

· Art installations

Products are available with a range of features including a variety of viscosities – from a highly liquid wicking grade up to a non-slump gel which is ideal for vertical application or gap filling.

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