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Heat Exchangers

High performance adhesives for heat exchangers

Heat Exchangers

Permabond is a leading supplier of adhesive into the heat exchanger industry, supplying adhesives to bond and seal heat exchanger tubes to end plates. Adhesives can be used to form a 100% seal around tubes, providing an easier, more reliable solution to welding or brazing. 

There are popular types of adhesive in this industry are:

Heat cure epoxy adhesives with a silvery appearance gives the impression of a solder weld or braze. 

Dual cure anaerobic / UV sealants can also be used if a heat cure process isn’t possible. 

Products are available in a range of viscosities to suit including wicking to flow into and

between pipe joints.

Using adhesive allows greater freedom in the use of materials – for example copper or aluminium tubes and endplates can be easily joined as can metal tubes into a Nylon, PBT or

other type of plastic end plate.

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