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Here are just a few examples of where adhesives can be typically used within an electric motor. Permabond offers a wide range of adhesives that are suitable for electric motor applications for incorporation into high speed production lines for electric motor components. 

Key features and benefits Permabond can offer include:

  • Fast curing adhesives which cure in seconds to keep production times to a minimum

  • Non-acidic formulations to prevent corrosion - particularly to sensitive surfaces such as neodymium magnets

  • Ability to bond difficult surfaces such as e-coatings

  • Toughened products to withstand industry drop tests and thermal shock tests

  • Materials to withstand high temperature e.g. Class H thermal resistance

  • A variety of product chemistries including structural acrylics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies (one and two component), UVs and anaerobics to handle most adhesive requirements within electric motors

  • Thermally conductive / electrically insulating formulations available

  • Variety of viscosities - from low viscosity capillary action products to high viscosity gels

  • Ability to custom formulate and produce small bespoke batches of adhesive for customers

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