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  • 130UV - The Shadow Bonder with a Light Touch

    Permabond is excited to introduce its latest adhesive innovation, Permabond 130UV. This low-viscosity, solvent-free adhesive cures both in the presence of moisture and upon exposure to UV light, seamlessly integrating the advantages of both of these technologies. Achieving a tack-free bond within seconds, Permabond 130UV boasts a crystal-clear finish without leaving any residue or marks that may attract fluff. Its unique dual-curing capability ensures full cure even in shadow areas untouched by normal UV light, while establishing a robust bond on both transparent and opaque substrates. Instant UV-curing the adhesive prevents adhesive blooming, a common issue with single-cure cyanoacrylate adhesives. This versatile adhesive bonds well to various substrates such as metals, plastics and rubber. Its moisture-curing feature makes it particularly effective on rubber, distinguishing it from conventional UV adhesives. Key Features & Benefits: ·         Dual-curing: merges cyanoacrylate and UV adhesive advantages ·         Cures shadow areas untouched by UV light ·         Excellent bonding on diverse substrates ·         Non-tacky with a smooth finish ·         RoHS compliant ·         Rapid cure time ·         Low hazard SDS Moreover, Permabond 130UV offers a good open time, facilitating precise alignment of parts before bonding. Target Applications for 130UV Dual-Cure Adhesive: ·         Applications with possible shadow bonding areas (e.g., PCBs) ·         Fillet bonding ·         Automotive interiors ·         Electronics applications, including multi-substrate bonding ·         Small gap filling ·         Jewellery ·         Needle bonding With outstanding environmental resistance and successful completion of 85/85 testing (85°C/85% relative humidity), Permabond 130UV is an ideal choice for electronics and automotive applications. Its reactivity enables it to achieve a tack-free finish within seconds, even with a low-power UV torch. For more information on this groundbreaking adhesive or any inquiries, feel free to contact us.

  • 712 Water resistant cyanoacrylate

    Permabond is excited to introduce 712, a cyanoacrylate adhesive with low viscosity and excellent water resistance which has successfully passed rigorous 85/85 automotive ageing tests. Once cured, 712 exhibits exceptional underwater resistance and performs well in hot and humid conditions, making it a unique addition to our product range! Key Features: Good water and heat resistance Fast cure (within seconds) High strength Bonds effectively to most surfaces User-friendly application Permabond 712 forms strong bonds on various substrates, including metals, plastics, and rubbers. Its adhesion to rubber is particularly advantageous, considering that many underwater adhesive applications such as pipe seals, gaskets, and valve seatings make use of this substrate. Aside from water resistance, 712 offers excellent thermal resistance, maintaining 80% strength after 100 hours at 120°C on mild steel. It withstands continuous exposure to this temperature and can even endure brief periods at 150°C. The adhesive also boasts great resistance to humidity and moisture, retaining 90% of its strength during 85/85 testing (85% relative humidity / 85°C). Additionally, it exhibits excellent chemical resistance to oils and automotive fluids. Target Applications & Benefits of 712 Water-Resistant Cyanoacrylate: Permabond 712 is ideal for various applications, including: Applications needing to withstand continuous water exposure Rubber seals and gaskets for pipes Rubber seatings in valves Automotive interiors Sports equipment Prosthetics and disability aids Jewellery & embellishments Household appliances (e.g., fridges and washing machines) Other benefits of this adhesive include a rapid, room temperature cure, high bond strength, and easy dispensing. It can be dispensed by hand or used with automatic dispensing equipment, facilitating a faster production process. The cured adhesive is clear, colourless, discreet, and solvent-free. It's important not to use primers or activators (e.g., Permabond POP Primer or QFS16) before applying this adhesive, as they may interfere with its water-resistant properties. Permabond 712 is competitively priced, providing financial savings, along with process and production efficiency, in addition to its performance benefits. So, water-you waiting for? If you're looking for a cyanoacrylate that offers cost savings, performance improvements, and long-term durability for underwater or environmentally exposed bonded joints, look no further! Contact us to learn more about pricing or ask any questions you may have.

  • Ready for Action Adhesive

    Permabond Europe is excited to introduce its latest toughened acrylic adhesive, Permabond TA4208 Black. This innovative product has been formulated with the ever-expanding composite materials market in mind. Engineered to accommodate a diverse range of industries, the versatile TA4208 Black is truly a must-have adhesive. This two-part, 1:1 toughened acrylic is user-friendly, perfect for application with a dispensing gun. Notably, its high viscosity and non-slumping nature make it ideal for vertical uses and gap filling. Its standout feature lies in its surface adhesion technology, allowing it to bond through oxide layers or oily surfaces, thus eliminating the need for extensive surface preparation. This is a big time-saver, especially for fast production lines. Additionally, its rapid strength development further underscores its time-efficient qualities, achieving high peel and shear strength within just 20 minutes after bonding. TA4208 Black exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide array of substrates such as metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, and woods, and bonds dissimilar surfaces well. Specifically tailored for bonding composites, its controlled flow and jet black finish offer precise application, while enabling seamless integration with carbon fibre and facilitating production uniformity. Applications for this adhesive span various industries, including automotive, wind turbines, sports equipment, and medical devices like prosthetics. Its superior environmental and chemical resistance make it an ideal choice for outdoor or chemical-exposed applications in automotive or medical sectors. For further details or to discuss specific applications, please get in touch with us!

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  • Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd

    Adhesive Product Range Small selection of Permabond adhesive products Adhesive Technologies Permabond offers a wide range of adhesives suitable for a variety of uses Industries Served Permabond Adhesives are used in many different industry sectors Adhesive Product Range Small selection of Permabond adhesive products 1/3 ENGINEERING ADHESIVES Permabond's range of adhesives includes: Anaerobic threadlockers, pipesealants, retainers and gasket makers, Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives, Structural acrylic adhesives, Epoxies - two-part and one-part heat cure adhesives, Polyurethanes, MS-Polymer based adhesives and UV-Cure adhesives. DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE HERE Check out our blog below! 130UV - The Shadow Bonder with a Light Touch Jo Mills Jan 30 1 min 124 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 712 Water resistant cyanoacrylate george.moore Jan 26 2 min 108 Post not marked as liked Ready for Action Adhesive Jo Mills Jan 16 1 min 128 Post not marked as liked EV Charging Point Adhesives george.moore Sep 15, 2023 3 min 157 Post not marked as liked 1 2 3 4 5 Upcoming Events Event Dates Location Stand No. 1 Southern Manufacturing 06/02/2024 - 08/02/2024 Farnborough, IEC A165 Page 1 of 1

  • Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives | Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd

    • Cure in seconds - do not require mixing • Different viscosities and gap-fill available • High temperature range available • Low-odour, non-blooming range available • Can be applied by hand or by automated dispensing equipment for high speed production line. TYPICAL CYANOACRYLATE APPLICATIONS • Bonding small plastic and rubber assemblies • Wire tacking for electronics • Disposable medical devices e.g. catheter bonding • Mobile phone keypad bonding assemblies • Mini-speakers and headsets • Bonding rubber flaps e.g. for hoppers • Bonding rubber matting for floors • Impregnating resin for rapid prototyping • Bonding O-rings • Bonding polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and silicone rubber (use Permabond POP Primer and a Permabond cyanoacrylate) NEW! 3D PRINT INFILTRANT For strengthening and sealing granular 3D printed models. Click here for brochure. Permabond cyanoacrylates are ideal for bonding rubber valve seatings CYANOACRYLATE (INSTANT ADHESIVES) CYANOACRYLATE ADHESIVES CAN BE USED TO BOND: • Steel, aluminium, zinc and other metal alloys • Composites such as GRP, FRP and carbon fibre • Magnets and ferrites • Plastics, phenolic • Particularly suitable for use on rubber and difficult to bond plastic materials Please click on cyanoacrylate name for technical datasheet 3D90 3D Print infiltrant range 4C10 Ultra-low viscosity medical device grade 4C20 Low viscosity medical device grade 4C30 Medium viscosity medical device grade 4C40 High viscosity medical device grade 101 Low viscosity penetrating grade 102 General purpose cyanoacrylate, aerospace approved 105 Particularly suitable for hard-to-bond plastics and rubbers 240 High viscosity general purpose cyanoacrylate 731 Low viscosity, flexible, clear cyanoacrylate 735 Black version of 731 737 High viscosity "Black Magic" toughened instant adhesive 741 Flexible, high elongation, fast setting, low viscosity 743 Flexible & soft shore A60, high elongation 300-500%, low viscosity 743HT Flexible & soft, high elongation, thixotropic 748 Ideal for metals, flexible & soft, high elongation, thixotropic gel 791 Low viscosity, surface insensitive, rapid cure 792 Medium viscosity, surface insensitive, rapid cure 801 High temperature resistance to 130°C 802 High temperature resisitance to 160°C 820 High temperature resistance to 200°C 910 Aerospace approved methyl cyanoacrylate 920 High temperature resistance to 250°C 940 Ultra-low viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 941 Low viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 943 Medium viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 947 High viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 2010 High viscosity rapid curing grade 2011 Non-drip cyanoacrylate gel 2050 High viscosity, clear, flexible cyanoacrylate CPP621 Fingerprinting grade POP Primer for priming PP, PE, PTFE, Silicone CSA Surface activator for reducing cure time CSA-NF Non-flammable, non bloom surface activator

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