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  • Back to Black (Magic)

    Today, our focus is on a real Permabond classic, one of our most sought-after products over the years - Permabond 737. Also known as 'Black Magic' for its distinctive colour and remarkable adhesion capabilities, this toughened cyanoacrylate has garnered widespread use and remains a highly dependable bonding solution across various industries. Permabond 737 stands out among cyanoacrylates due to its unique attributes, including its toughness, colour, and flexibility. Unlike conventional cyanoacrylates, this adhesive offers superior temperature resistance (up to 120°C), peel strength, and impact resistance. While cyanoacrylates typically exhibit brittleness, Permabond 737 boasts a peel strength of 40-60 N/25mm and an impact strength of 5-10 kJ/m², demonstrating its durability and resilience. Moreover, owing to its toughening and increased flexibility, Permabond 737 is well-suited for bonding dissimilar surfaces, and minimises susceptibility to thermal shock or variations in substrate expansion and contraction coefficients. Its flexibility allows for better adhesion even on challenging substrates like zinc, where conventional cyanoacrylates may fail. Key features of Permabond 737 'Black Magic' include: ·         Excellent gap filling capabilities (up to 0.5mm) ·         Rapid curing time ·         Toughened, offers high impact resistance ·         Outstanding flexibility and peel strength ·         Good temperature resistance ·         Jet black colour, ideal for dark substrates ·         No mixing required ·         Easy dispensing by hand or through automated equipment Permabond 737 bonds well to a wide range of substrates. It’s particularly well-suited to rubber bonding due to its rubber toughening. It also exhibits strong adhesion on various metals and plastics. When used with Permabond POP Primer, it bonds exceptionally well to materials such as PTFE, PP, PE, and silicone. Applications of Permabond 737 'Black Magic' include: ·         Rubber anti-fatigue mats (e.g., cashier mats in shops) ·         Vehicle boarding steps (found in buses, military vehicles) ·         Antenna cables ·         Automotive components such as pedals and steering wheels ·         Sealing fireworks ·         Agricultural equipment ·         Hunting guns ·         Mining machinery ·         Magnet bonding …and numerous other applications! For those in the UK interested in trying out Permabond 737, sample cartridges are available for purchase on our webshop. To learn more about this adhesive or discuss its suitability for your specific application, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

  • 130UV - The Shadow Bonder with a Light Touch

    Permabond is excited to introduce its latest adhesive innovation, Permabond 130UV. This low-viscosity, solvent-free adhesive cures both in the presence of moisture and upon exposure to UV light, seamlessly integrating the advantages of both of these technologies. Achieving a tack-free bond within seconds, Permabond 130UV boasts a crystal-clear finish without leaving any residue or marks that may attract fluff. Its unique dual-curing capability ensures full cure even in shadow areas untouched by normal UV light, while establishing a robust bond on both transparent and opaque substrates. Instant UV-curing the adhesive prevents adhesive blooming, a common issue with single-cure cyanoacrylate adhesives. This versatile adhesive bonds well to various substrates such as metals, plastics and rubber. Its moisture-curing feature makes it particularly effective on rubber, distinguishing it from conventional UV adhesives. Key Features & Benefits: ·         Dual-curing: merges cyanoacrylate and UV adhesive advantages ·         Cures shadow areas untouched by UV light ·         Excellent bonding on diverse substrates ·         Non-tacky with a smooth finish ·         RoHS compliant ·         Rapid cure time ·         Low hazard SDS Moreover, Permabond 130UV offers a good open time, facilitating precise alignment of parts before bonding. Target Applications for 130UV Dual-Cure Adhesive: ·         Applications with possible shadow bonding areas (e.g., PCBs) ·         Fillet bonding ·         Automotive interiors ·         Electronics applications, including multi-substrate bonding ·         Small gap filling ·         Jewellery ·         Needle bonding With outstanding environmental resistance and successful completion of 85/85 testing (85°C/85% relative humidity), Permabond 130UV is an ideal choice for electronics and automotive applications. Its reactivity enables it to achieve a tack-free finish within seconds, even with a low-power UV torch. For more information on this groundbreaking adhesive or any inquiries, feel free to contact us.

  • 712 Water resistant cyanoacrylate

    Permabond is excited to introduce 712, a cyanoacrylate adhesive with low viscosity and excellent water resistance which has successfully passed rigorous 85/85 automotive ageing tests. Once cured, 712 exhibits exceptional underwater resistance and performs well in hot and humid conditions, making it a unique addition to our product range! Key Features: Good water and heat resistance Fast cure (within seconds) High strength Bonds effectively to most surfaces User-friendly application Permabond 712 forms strong bonds on various substrates, including metals, plastics, and rubbers. Its adhesion to rubber is particularly advantageous, considering that many underwater adhesive applications such as pipe seals, gaskets, and valve seatings make use of this substrate. Aside from water resistance, 712 offers excellent thermal resistance, maintaining 80% strength after 100 hours at 120°C on mild steel. It withstands continuous exposure to this temperature and can even endure brief periods at 150°C. The adhesive also boasts great resistance to humidity and moisture, retaining 90% of its strength during 85/85 testing (85% relative humidity / 85°C). Additionally, it exhibits excellent chemical resistance to oils and automotive fluids. Target Applications & Benefits of 712 Water-Resistant Cyanoacrylate: Permabond 712 is ideal for various applications, including: Applications needing to withstand continuous water exposure Rubber seals and gaskets for pipes Rubber seatings in valves Automotive interiors Sports equipment Prosthetics and disability aids Jewellery & embellishments Household appliances (e.g., fridges and washing machines) Other benefits of this adhesive include a rapid, room temperature cure, high bond strength, and easy dispensing. It can be dispensed by hand or used with automatic dispensing equipment, facilitating a faster production process. The cured adhesive is clear, colourless, discreet, and solvent-free. It's important not to use primers or activators (e.g., Permabond POP Primer or QFS16) before applying this adhesive, as they may interfere with its water-resistant properties. Permabond 712 is competitively priced, providing financial savings, along with process and production efficiency, in addition to its performance benefits. So, water-you waiting for? If you're looking for a cyanoacrylate that offers cost savings, performance improvements, and long-term durability for underwater or environmentally exposed bonded joints, look no further! Contact us to learn more about pricing or ask any questions you may have.

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  • Glass Industry

    Glass Industry Crystal clear adhesives for bonding glass or glass to metal / other materials. Download Brochure Further reading Permabond offers a comprehensive range of UV cure adhesives which offer crystal clear, strong and durable bonds on glass and many other substrates. Products cure in seconds when exposed to UV light so offer a quick and easy method of bonding glass. No mixing is required and their crystal clear, non-yellowing formulations give an excellent aesthetically pleasing finish, as well as offer extremely high strength performance. Bonding glass is a great way of adding hinges, profiles, fixtures and fittings without having to drill the glass – reducing chance of breakage, minimising processing time, and helping maintain the integrity of the glass pane. Also, the adhesive can be used to create a 100% seal against leaks or moisture ingress. Permabond also offers clear two-component structural acrylic adhesive which can provide high performance adhesion onto glass and other substrates, while still maintaining a pleasing visual finish. Permabond MS359 Clear is a crystal-clear MS Polymer adhesive which is applied in a similar way you would a bathroom sealant. It gives a clear flexible bond and works extremely well on glass. Typical applications include: · Bonding decorative window bevels · Bonding glass to metal for furniture and architectural fittings · Frameless corner windows · Display cases and cabinets · Fastener-free hinges and knobs e.g. on shower screens · Art installations Products are available with a range of features including a variety of viscosities – from a highly liquid wicking grade up to a non-slump gel which is ideal for vertical application or gap filling.

  • MRO

    MRO Solutions for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul applications Download Brochure Further reading Permabond has a very comprehensive range of adhesives suitable for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) applications. This includes: Anaerobic threadlockers – for locking and sealing nuts and bolts to prevent vibration loosening, create a watertight seal and prevent components corroding together. Available in a range of strengths – dismantleable grades, high strength, permanent and high temperature resistant grades. Anaerobic threadsealants (or pipesealants) – for sealing metal threaded pipejoints to prevent leakage. Drinking water and gas approved grades available. Easy to use – single part, helps lubricate joints for easy assembly and a 100% seal against liquids and gasses. Excellent chemical resistance. Anaerobic gasketmakers – for creating form-in-place (FIP) gaskets – no need to use a pre-cut paper / cork / rubber gasket, one “size” fits all – make whatever shaped gasket you require. Will not “bed in” or need any adjustment after curing, will not degrade over time, no need to service or replace at regular intervals unlike conventional gaskets which can deteriorate. Ideal for use in gearbox reconditioning and other automotive repairs and parts remanufacturing. Anaerobic retainers / retaining sealants – these are high strength, single component adhesives ideal for repairing spun bearings, sealing/ replacing brake cylinder linings, bonding collars to shafts and other metal to metal concentric joints. The adhesive can take up wide tolerances so can reduce machining time as interference fits are no longer required and tolerances can be relaxed whilst part performance is improved with better stress distribution and component protection. Other MRO jobs can involve repairing trim, tamper-proofing and threadlocking plastic parts, these can be done quickly and effectively with Permabond cyanoacrylate adhesive.

  • Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd

    Adhesive Product Range Small selection of Permabond adhesive products Adhesive Technologies Permabond offers a wide range of adhesives suitable for a variety of uses Industries Served Permabond Adhesives are used in many different industry sectors Adhesive Product Range Small selection of Permabond adhesive products 1/3 ENGINEERING ADHESIVES Permabond's range of adhesives includes: Anaerobic threadlockers, pipesealants, retainers and gasket makers, Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives, Structural acrylic adhesives, Epoxies - two-part and one-part heat cure adhesives, Polyurethanes, MS-Polymer based adhesives and UV-Cure adhesives. DOWNLOAD OUR BROCHURE HERE Check out our blog below! Back to Black (Magic) george.moore Apr 25 2 min 104 Post not marked as liked 130UV - The Shadow Bonder with a Light Touch Jo Mills Jan 30 1 min 140 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1 712 Water resistant cyanoacrylate george.moore Jan 26 2 min 124 Post not marked as liked Ready for Action Adhesive Jo Mills Jan 16 1 min 145 Post not marked as liked 1 2 3 4 5 Upcoming Events Event Dates Location Stand No. 3 Advanced Engineering 30th & 31st October B'ham NEC Q120 4 Filtech 12-14th November Cologne, Koelnmesse, Germany P35 Page 1 of 1

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