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  • Permabond ET5428 structural epoxy for composites, metals, ceramics and plastics - even PEEK & PBT!

    Permabond’s structural epoxy adhesive, ET5428 has been successfully used for many years by engineers and manufacturers, for the structural bonding of metals, composites, ceramics and plastics. Available in both cream and charcoal to match GRP and carbon fibre, this two-part epoxy is a firm favourite particularly in the composites industry where it provides the ultimate in adhesive performance, in applications in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors to name just a few. Many engineers and buyers are currently looking for reliable sources of high-performance composite bonding adhesives due to industry supply shortages. Permabond welcomes enquiries from customers looking for urgent and reliable structural bonding epoxies and with sites in the UK and Europe, we are able to offer a rapid sampling service. Our technical engineers are on hand to discuss your application, check suitability and compare against products you may be looking to replace. Features of Permabond ET5428 include: · Gel time 10-20 minutes with handling time achieved at 30-40 minutes* · Up to 5 mm gap fill · Very high bond strength to composites, metals and plastics · Can be used on difficult-to-bond filled plastics such as PEEK · Good temperature resistance · Toughened (so not brittle) – ideal for dissimilar materials where differential thermal expansion could be an issue · Resistant to thermal shock · Excellent vibration resistance, great impact resistance · Very high peel strength (10 times higher than regular epoxies) · Proven for long-term bonding, excellent environmental resistance · Available in cream to match GRP or in charcoal grey to match carbon fibre substrates · Can be purchased in 50ml or 400ml dual cartridges or in bulk pails or drums ET5428 is quick and simple to use. It can be dispensed from a cartridge with a mixing nozzle directly onto substrate materials or it can be pumped from bulk containers through metered dispensing equipment on a production line. *If a slower cure time is required, Permabond offers ET5429 which has a 2-4 hour pot life. Don’t delay, contact Permabond today:

  • New Permabond ET5422 Structural Epoxy with Astronomical Performance!

    New Permabond ET5422 structural epoxy with astronomical performance is launched! This new ultra high strength two-part epoxy adhesive was originally developed for a spacecraft project and later adopted by an aircraft parts manufacturer. ET5422 offers high peel strength and achieves exceptionally high structural bond strength and performance. The material is fully toughened with second generation core shell rubber technology, to offer excellent impact, vibration, peel and shear strength. Permabond ET5422 is a highly versatile adhesive, providing high strength adhesion to a wide range of engineering materials and is ideal for replacing welding. It allows greater freedom of material selection with its ability to bond dissimilar materials and creates an impervious seal against moisture and chemicals. It can also be used instead of mechanical fasteners, helping to keep assemblies lightweight and rattle free. By not having to drill and fix parts, the processing is much easier - and with no damage to the integral strength of the substrate. This easy-to-use room temperature curing epoxy adhesive consists of resin and hardener and is supplied in convenient dual cartridges for dispensing via a handgun. Adhesive is mixed and dispensed via static mixing nozzles. It can also be supplied in bulk for use with automatic dispensing equipment. Full cure can be achieved at room temperature, although cure times can be reduced with the application of heat. Permabond believes the use of this adhesive should not be limited to aircraft and space rocket manufacturers and that other industrial users should have access to it to maximise the performance of their bonded assemblies. Manufacturers of sports equipment, automotive parts, marine and prosthetics to name just a few - its uses are quite diverse. Typical shear strengths of substrates bonded with Permabond ET5422: Material Shear Strength Aluminium 30 N/mm² Mild Steel 22-26 N/mm² Stainless Steel 16-20 N/mm² Hot Dip Zinc Galvanised Steel 18-22 N/mm² Carbon Fibre 20-30 N/mm² Epoxy FRP 18-25 N/mm² Polyester GRP >10 N/mm² (substrate failure) This product has been designed by UK-based chemists and is manufactured in Permabond’s factory in Hampshire, UK. Available packaging options: 10 x 50ml cartridges 6 x 400ml cartridges Bulk on request

  • Permabond MT3836 – Flexible, Thermally Conductive, Fire Retardant Adhesive

    Introducing Permabond MT3836 - Flexible, thermally conductive, fire retardant adhesive. This two-component modified MS polymer adhesive and sealant cures fully at room temperature and complies with the fire retardancy requirements of UL94-V0. It contains a thermally conductive filler, which conducts heat away from bonded components, making it ideal for use in electronics applications such as bonding heat sinks, and in electric vehicle battery applications such as bonding battery modules, where MT3836 helps to improve vehicle thermal management. The flexible nature of MT3836 also means it is compressible, which reduces stress on sensitive components, especially if dissimilar materials are being bonded and differential thermal expansion and contraction forces put stress on the joint. The cured, flexible material absorbs impact and vibration forces and is also electrically non-conductive. Permabond MT3836 is suitable for bonding a wide variety of different substrate materials including metals, composites, polycarbonate, ABS, nylon and other plastics. Benefits of Permabond MT3836 include: Thermally conductive >1 W/(m.K) Fire retardant to UL94-V0 Electrically insulating Elongation >100%, Shore A hardness 60 Two component – available in dual cartridges for easy dispensing via mixing nozzle Full cure at room temperature (handling time 2-3 hours) High viscosity – gap filling to 5mm Available packaging options: 6 x 400ml cartridges Bulk on request Download Thermally Conductive Adhesives brochure

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  • Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd

    Adhesive Product Range Small selection of Permabond adhesive products Adhesive Technologies Permabond offers a wide range of adhesives suitable for a variety of uses Industries Served Permabond Adhesives are used in many different industry sectors Adhesive Product Range Small selection of Permabond adhesive products 1/3 ENGINEERING ADHESIVES Permabond's range of adhesives includes: Anaerobic threadlockers, pipesealants, retainers and gasket makers, Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives, Structural acrylic adhesives, Epoxies - two-part and one-part heat cure adhesives, Polyurethanes, MS-Polymer based adhesives and UV-Cure adhesives. Permabond ET5428 structural epoxy adhesive for composites, metals, ceramics and plastics - even PEEK & PBT! Check out our blog below... Permabond ET5428 structural epoxy for composites, metals, ceramics and plastics - even PEEK & PBT! Feb 8 121 Post not marked as liked New Permabond ET5422 Structural Epoxy with Astronomical Performance! Oct 21, 2021 147 Post not marked as liked Permabond MT3836 – Flexible, Thermally Conductive, Fire Retardant Adhesive Jul 14, 2021 181 Post not marked as liked Permabond F201 - Rubber Toughened, Flexible Anaerobic Sealant Jun 15, 2021 115 Post not marked as liked New Adhesive for Food Contact Applications - FDA & EU 10/2011 Compliant Mar 3, 2021 473 Post not marked as liked 1 2 3 4 5 Upcoming Events Logo Event Dates Location Stand No. Advanced Engineering 02/11/2022 - 03/11/2022 National Exhibition Centre - Birmingham, UK V100 Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 07/02/2023 - 09/02/2023 Farnborough International Exhibition Centre, UK A165 Filtech 08/03/2022 - 10/03/2022 Messe Köln - Cologne, Germany F67

  • Technical help | Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd

    FREEPHONE ​ UK Technical helpline: 0800 975 9800 France: 0805 111 388 Germany: 0800 101 3177

  • Cyanoacrylate instant adhesives | Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd

    • Cure in seconds - do not require mixing • Different viscosities and gap-fill available • High temperature range available • Low-odour, non-blooming range available • Can be applied by hand or by automated dispensing equipment for high speed production line. TYPICAL CYANOACRYLATE APPLICATIONS • Bonding small plastic and rubber assemblies • Wire tacking for electronics • Disposable medical devices e.g. catheter bonding • Mobile phone keypad bonding assemblies • Mini-speakers and headsets • Bonding rubber flaps e.g. for hoppers • Bonding rubber matting for floors • Impregnating resin for rapid prototyping • Bonding O-rings • Bonding polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and silicone rubber (use Permabond POP Primer and a Permabond cyanoacrylate) NEW! 3D PRINT INFILTRANT For strengthening and sealing granular 3D printed models. Click here for brochure. Permabond cyanoacrylates are ideal for bonding rubber valve seatings CYANOACRYLATE (INSTANT ADHESIVES) CYANOACRYLATE ADHESIVES CAN BE USED TO BOND: • Steel, aluminium, zinc and other metal alloys • Composites such as GRP, FRP and carbon fibre • Magnets and ferrites • Plastics, phenolic • Particularly suitable for use on rubber and difficult to bond plastic materials Please click on cyanoacrylate name for technical datasheet 3D90 3D Print infiltrant range 4C10 Ultra-low viscosity medical device grade 4C20 Low viscosity medical device grade 4C30 Medium viscosity medical device grade 4C40 High viscosity medical device grade 101 Low viscosity penetrating grade 102 General purpose cyanoacrylate, aerospace approved 105 Particularly suitable for hard-to-bond plastics and rubbers 240 High viscosity general purpose cyanoacrylate 731 Low viscosity, flexible, clear cyanoacrylate 735 Black version of 731 737 High viscosity "Black Magic" toughened instant adhesive 741 Flexible, high elongation, fast setting, low viscosity 743 Flexible & soft shore A60, high elongation 300-500%, low viscosity 743HT Flexible & soft, high elongation, thixotropic 748 Ideal for metals, flexible & soft, high elongation, thixotropic gel 791 Low viscosity, surface insensitive, rapid cure 792 Medium viscosity, surface insensitive, rapid cure 801 High temperature resistance to 130°C 802 High temperature resisitance to 160°C 820 High temperature resistance to 200°C 910 Aerospace approved methyl cyanoacrylate 920 High temperature resistance to 250°C 940 Ultra-low viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 941 Low viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 943 Medium viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 947 High viscosity low-odour non-bloom cyanoacrylate 2010 High viscosity rapid curing grade 2011 Non-drip cyanoacrylate gel 2050 High viscosity, clear, flexible cyanoacrylate CPP621 Fingerprinting grade POP Primer for priming PP, PE, PTFE, Silicone CSA Surface activator for reducing cure time CSA-NF Non-flammable, non bloom surface activator

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