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Wide range of toughened, structural adhesives for bonding composite materials.


Composites are used in many different markets including Automotive, Aerospace, Wind Energy, Sports Equipment, Medical – assistive devices, transport industry, the list goes on… A key feature shared by these industries is the requirement for high performance, toughened, impact resistant adhesives. 

Composites cannot be welded; they often require joining to dissimilar material types. Using traditional fasteners adds to component weight and can interfere with the integrity of the composite (as drilling may be required). By using an adhesive instead, you can create a 100% seal, keep components lightweight and reduce rattling or vibration loosening.

Permabond offers a vast array of adhesives suitable for bonding carbon fibre, GRP, FRP, laminate and various other blends (including those containing polypropylene!). They not only bond composites but will also adhere to metals, stone, concrete, glass, rubber and many other materials.

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