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Potting materials for filter end caps and sealing filter seams.


Permabond supplies many filter customers including manufacturers of oil filters, air filters, water filters, medical filters, waste filters and also not forgetting food and drink filters. Permabond specialises in tailoring specific adhesives for their applications which can include:

Potting filter end caps
Many customers require bespoke adhesives for this application which involves flooding the end cap with adhesive which the filter pleats sit in. Material must have sufficient flow properties to flow around the pleats to hold them firmly in place once cured, but it is essential the adhesive doesn’t wick up the filter medium and impair the filter function. The adhesive must be compatible with the fluids going through the filter too. Permabond’s development team have a lot of experience in this field and can customise products to have specific flow characteristics to suit the application.

Sealing filter crimps
Permabond products are used worldwide in the production of automotive oil filters. The rolled seam of the filter is sealed with Permabond anaerobic sealant to provide a leak-free, durable seal. Gaskets can be bonded to filters with cyanoacrylate adhesive which works particularly well on rubber.

Bonding mesh / sieve to frames
Often customers are seeking food grade adhesives for these applications for screens and filters for foodstuffs. Permabond offers a variety of epoxies with FDA and EU food grade compliance. We can also develop bespoke materials to meet these requirements and fit with the specifications of the customer.

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