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Food & Drink

FDA / EU Food grade compliant materials for bonding food production equipment, filters, strainers etc.

Food & Drink

Food grade two-component epoxy adhesives are available from Permabond. Products have been formulated to comply with FDA and EU food contact guidelines. Permabond also has a number of anaerobic, cyanoacrylates and an epoxy with WRAS drinking water approval.

Typical uses of these adhesives includes:

· Bonding filters, potting filter endcaps

· Bonding sieves and screens – mesh to frame applications

· Food & beverage production equipment

· Industrial peelers & food processing equipment

· Coffee machines, smoothie dispensers

· Cutlery – bonding knife handles for example

· Crockery – e.g. cake stands

· Sealing pipework, taps, valves etc.

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