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Pumps & Valves

Anaerobic adhesives for sealing pipework joints and adhesive for bonding valve seating material and other applications.

Pumps & Valves

Permabond has a long history of supplying adhesives for valves, pumps and compressors. Normally applications require anaerobics for sealing pipework connections for gas, water, hydraulic fluid etc. Permabond also manufactures adhesives suitable for bonding rubber seatings for valves.

Benefits and features of Permabond products include:

· Protection and prevention against vibration loosening of component parts in operation

· Seal components to prevent leakage

· Excellent resistance against gases – including searching refrigerant gasses, resistance to

chemicals, water, hydrocarbons

· High temperature resistance

· Adhesives help protect component parts against corrosion  making

disassembly and maintenance easier

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