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Structural adhesives (fire retardant products also available) for bonding a wide variety of materials found in the transport industry.


Permabond adhesive materials are used for buses, trains and for bonding railway tracks. Typical applications include:

Bonding laminates and composite materials for interiors
Adhesives allow for the joining of dissimilar materials e.g. composite material to metal without the need to drill or use mechanical fastenings. This helps to reduce component weight, improve the appearance of the parts, maintain structural integrity (as no holes drilled), also provides better stress distribution without concentrating stress into a small area around a drilled hole). As well as better aesthetic appearance, using adhesives helps the acoustic properties of the joint panels by helping absorb vibration and adhesive will not rattle unlike a mechanical fastening. Adhesives for bonding laminates generally require high structural strength, high peel strength, good impact and vibration resistance. Permabond’s range of structural acrylic adhesives and toughened epoxies are ideal for these applications. Fire retardant grades are also available.

Bonding rubber bellows / concertinas between carriages
Trains and bendy buses have a rubbery concertina between carriages which can be hard to bond with conventional adhesives due to low adhesion strength on the rubber blend. Permabond has special adhesives which are ideal for bonding EPDM rubber and other rubber compounds containing polyolefins which can offer excellent adhesion and good resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

Watch this video sent to us by a customer in Russia that shows the strength just a tiny drop of Permabond cyanoacrylate has!

Chassis, rolling stock and mechanical applications
Adhesives are used for a variety of applications such as drive shaft bonding, braking systems, dampeners, gearboxes, heating and pipework systems.

Railway track bonding
Permabond adhesives have been tested and approved by several international railway construction firms. Product is approved for “Fishplate” bonding between railway tracks. Material has to be toughened, able to withstand harsh environmental extremes and insulate the joint.

For further help and product recommendations, please contact Permabond’s technical team.

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