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Wind Energy

Adhesives for applications within the wind turbine gearbox and rotor. Structural adhesives for wind turbine blades.

Wind Energy

Wind Turbines
Permabond supplies adhesives for use within the turbine – typically gearbox applications (bonding gears to shafts using anaerobic retaining adhesives and gasketing with liquid gasketmaker). Other applications include bonding the rotor, yaw drive applications, plus also blade applications such as bonding deflectors.

Solar Panels
PV cells can be bonded with adhesive, as can panels to frames. Permabond offers optically clear, UV stable adhesives with high transparency and resistance to hazing over time to maintain cell efficiency. Flexible products allow bonding of dissimilar materials where differential thermal expansion and contraction could be an issue.

Tidal Power
Permabond has worked with several developers for ongoing projects involving tidal and hydropower applications, typically involving bespoke custom developments plus also MRO adhesives

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