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Today, our focus is on a real Permabond classic, one of our most sought-after products over the years - Permabond 737. Also known as 'Black Magic' for its distinctive colour and remarkable adhesion capabilities, this toughened cyanoacrylate has garnered widespread use and remains a highly dependable bonding solution across various industries.


Permabond 737 stands out among cyanoacrylates due to its unique attributes, including its toughness, colour, and flexibility. Unlike conventional cyanoacrylates, this adhesive offers superior temperature resistance (up to 120°C), peel strength, and impact resistance. While cyanoacrylates typically exhibit brittleness, Permabond 737 boasts a peel strength of 40-60 N/25mm and an impact strength of 5-10 kJ/m², demonstrating its durability and resilience.


Moreover, owing to its toughening and increased flexibility, Permabond 737 is well-suited for bonding dissimilar surfaces, and minimises susceptibility to thermal shock or variations in substrate expansion and contraction coefficients. Its flexibility allows for better adhesion even on challenging substrates like zinc, where conventional cyanoacrylates may fail.


Key features of Permabond 737 'Black Magic' include: 

·         Excellent gap filling capabilities (up to 0.5mm)

·         Rapid curing time

·         Toughened, offers high impact resistance

·         Outstanding flexibility and peel strength

·         Good temperature resistance

·         Jet black colour, ideal for dark substrates

·         No mixing required

·         Easy dispensing by hand or through automated equipment


Permabond 737 bonds well to a wide range of substrates. It’s particularly well-suited to rubber bonding due to its rubber toughening. It also exhibits strong adhesion on various metals and plastics. When used with Permabond POP Primer, it bonds exceptionally well to materials such as PTFE, PP, PE, and silicone.


Applications of Permabond 737 'Black Magic' include: 

·         Rubber anti-fatigue mats (e.g., cashier mats in shops)

·         Vehicle boarding steps (found in buses, military vehicles)

·         Antenna cables

·         Automotive components such as pedals and steering wheels

·         Sealing fireworks

·         Agricultural equipment

·         Hunting guns

·         Mining machinery

·         Magnet bonding

…and numerous other applications!


For those in the UK interested in trying out Permabond 737, sample cartridges are available for purchase on our webshop. To learn more about this adhesive or discuss its suitability for your specific application, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!



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