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Permabond Structural Epoxies for Bonding Stainless Steel

Are you welding stainless steel and looking to speed up production or reduce workplace hazards? Is welding stainless steel leaving your finished product with unsightly tarnishing? Permabond has the answer!

Permabond's stainless steel bonding epoxy adhesives cure fully at room temperature and offer fantastic performance when bonding stainless steel to itself and a wide variety of other materials, and offer many advantages compared to welding:

  • Better stress distribution through the joint (welding concentrates stress into a small area)

  • Improved, tarnish-free finished appearance

  • 100% seal against moisture

  • No need for a skilled welder, offering cost savings as a result

  • No hazardous gas cylinders and fire safety hazards associated with welding, also offering cost savings and health and safety benefits

  • Ideal for use in ATEX explosion-proof areas where welding is not allowed

The ET539X range of adhesives also offer excellent resistance to harsh environments and are highly resistant to water, temperature extremes and chemicals. They are ideal for sealing tanks and pressure vessels or for bonding stainless steel cabinets, enclosures and machinery housing.

To download brochure, Click here!

For further technical assistance, please contact Permabond and we would be delighted to help.

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