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Permabond launches its new innovative TA4660 adhesive for bonding nylon

Permabond receives many requests from customers searching for high strength adhesives suitable for bonding nylon. It is a really challenging substrate to bond as it doesn’t respond particularly well to surface treatment processes and often an initially good bond will fall apart within a few days due to migration of slip additives which give the surface constant lubricity. Permabond’s team of chemists have now developed a new breakthrough structural acrylic adhesive, capable of forming strong and durable bonds to filled and unfilled nylon.

Permabond TA4660 is a room-temperature curing two-part acrylic adhesive which is very easy to use. It is available in dual cartridges and is mixed via static mixing nozzle so that it can be accurately applied and no manual weighing, or mixing is required. It works well on nylon 6 and nylon 6,6 and will also bond metal surfaces. Its toughened matrix helps absorb differential thermal expansion and contraction stresses and offers good vibration and impact resistance.

For further information, to discuss your application or to test out sample material of the Permabond TA4660 Nylon bonder, please contact your friendly Permabond technical team at



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