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Permabond ET5428 structural epoxy for composites, metals, ceramics and plastics - even PEEK & PBT!

Permabond’s structural epoxy adhesive, ET5428 has been successfully used for many years by engineers and manufacturers, for the structural bonding of metals, composites, ceramics and plastics. Available in both cream and charcoal to match GRP and carbon fibre, this two-part epoxy is a firm favourite particularly in the composites industry where it provides the ultimate in adhesive performance, in applications in the automotive, aerospace and marine sectors to name just a few.

Many engineers and buyers are currently looking for reliable sources of high-performance composite bonding adhesives due to industry supply shortages. Permabond welcomes enquiries from customers looking for urgent and reliable structural bonding epoxies and with sites in the UK and Europe, we are able to offer a rapid sampling service. Our technical engineers are on hand to discuss your application, check suitability and compare against products you may be looking to replace.

Features of Permabond ET5428 include:

· Gel time 10-20 minutes with handling time achieved at 30-40 minutes*

· Up to 5 mm gap fill

· Very high bond strength to composites, metals and plastics

· Can be used on difficult-to-bond filled plastics such as PEEK

· Good temperature resistance

· Toughened (so not brittle) – ideal for dissimilar materials where differential thermal expansion could be an issue

· Resistant to thermal shock

· Excellent vibration resistance, great impact resistance

· Very high peel strength (10 times higher than regular epoxies)

· Proven for long-term bonding, excellent environmental resistance

· Available in cream to match GRP or in charcoal grey to match carbon fibre substrates

· Can be purchased in 50ml or 400ml dual cartridges or in bulk pails or drums

ET5428 is quick and simple to use. It can be dispensed from a cartridge with a mixing nozzle directly onto substrate materials or it can be pumped from bulk containers through metered dispensing equipment on a production line.

*If a slower cure time is required, Permabond offers ET5429 which has a 2-4 hour pot life.

Don’t delay, contact Permabond today:



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