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Permabond's new range of MMA-based structural acrylic adhesives is now available. MMAs are typified by their rapid cure, fast strength development combined with ultra-high shear and peel strength and the ability to bond to a multitude of different surfaces.

They are found in a wide range of applications including automotive, aerospace, composite bonding, wind turbines, magnet bonding (for speakers and motors) and many more! They have excellent resistance to impact and vibration stresses and excellent environmental durability.


Permabond TA4200: a 1:1 mix ratio pre-mix acrylic (dispense using a gun and mixing nozzles). Rapid cure speed and high strength performance. TA4210 is very similar but with a longer cure time - so more suitable for larger components that require accurate alignment or where a longer nozzle-life is desired.

Permabond TA4202: Two part pink & green methyl methacrylate. This can be used with nozzles or bead-on-bead if preferred. This product cures rapidly to form and extremely high strength bond.

Permabond TA4204 & TA4205: Are high strength "crystal clear" structural adhesives which give an excellent finished appearance, they can be used with mixing nozzles or bead-on-bead without nozzles. These products lend themselves to the bonding of glass, polycarbonate and acrylic and can help manufacturers move away from solvent welding of plastics. They are also suitable for bonding metals, ceramics, composites and many other materials.

These new high-quality products have been designed and manufactured at Permabond's new factory in the South of England and are available for sample trials and purchase. Please contact Permabond's technical team to discuss further.

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