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MH052 - Oxygen safe pipe sealant

Pipe sealant approved for contact with pure oxygen

Anaerobic threaded pipe sealants are generally not suitable for use on pure oxygen pipework connections, but Permabond’s MH052 thread sealant is an exception. It has BAM approval for use with pure oxygen up to 10 bar / 60°C and does not exhibit the instability of a normal anaerobic thread sealant. It is ideal for use on threaded pipework connections in applications such as infant resuscitation units, ventilators, aerospace breathing apparatus, oxygen pipelines and regulators.

Advantages of using Permabond MH052 thread sealant over PTFE tape?

  • Easier to apply

  • Lubricates thread, preventing cross threading

  • Lubrication means parts can be assembled facing the right direction

  • Will not perish or shred eliminating risk of small particles blocking valves and equipment

  • Can be dismantled

Permabond MH052 has been formulated for use on threaded metal pipes (such as stainless steel and brass) and is a single component, room temperature curing product. In addition to BAM oxygen approval, MH052 is also approved for contact with gas (DVGW) and drinking water (WRAS).

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