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New TA4207 Multi-Purpose, High Strength Adhesive - No Surface Prep Required!

Permabond® TA4207 is a 2-part, 1:1 mix ratio, MMA adhesive, which achieves high strength bonds on metals, plastics and composites, with little or no surface preparation! Substrate failure has even been possible on some types of PET-G. It performs outstandingly well on metals, cutting through oxide layers to form incredibly strong bonds with the parent material and impressive shear strengths are even achieved on oily steel! On composites such as carbon fibre, not having to abrade of the surface of the carbon, offers the advantage of an aesthetically more pleasing finish.

Product Features & Benefits:

- Rapid cure (8-10 mins fixture time)

- Very high bond strength on stainless steel, steel, aluminium, galvanised zinc & plastics

- High strength on hot-dip galvanised steel, electro-plated zinc & carbon fibre

- High temperature resistance (150°C continuous)

- Excellent environmental resistance

Convenient Dispensing:

Can be used with or without nozzles (bead on bead) and is available in handy 25ml syringe packaging, offering convenient dispensing, without the need for a manual dispensing gun.

Available Pack sizes:

15x25ml syringes (no gun required)

10x50ml cartridges (use with gun)

6x400ml cartridges (use with gun)

Bulk available on request, for high speed production lines

For further information, download our product flyer and TDS below, or email us at Individual bottles may be purchased via our webshop

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