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New Thermally Conductive Adhesive from Permabond

Introducing Permabond ET5441, a new thermally conductive, high temperature resistant, 2 part, room temperature cure epoxy with excellent chemical resistance. ET5441 expands Permabond’s existing thermally conductive adhesives range, which includes UL94-V-0 compliant single part epoxies, toughened acrylics and a flexible modified epoxy adhesive.

ET5441 has been specifically designed to bond metal substrates, when an excellent resistance to high temperature is required, and even retains 6 MPa shear strength at 180°C on steel. It is also suitable for bonding other materials such as ABS, GRP and composite materials. Full cure is achieved in 7 days at room temperature, but it can be accelerated to 24 hours at room temperature followed by 30 minutes at +80°C. Permabond ET5441 provides an excellent resistance to hot and cold water, motor oil and glycol.

Its high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity make ET5441 ideal for applications such as:

  • Electric motor magnet bonding

  • Bonding heat sinks to PCBs

  • Applications in vehicle battery packs

  • Bonding parts before e-coating

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