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UV adhesive/UV torch kit for bonding acrylic sneeze screens

bonding acrylic sneeze screens

By popular demand, Permabond’s new UV639 adhesive is now available in a convenient kit, including a UV curing torch.

The handy battery powered LED torch combined with the UV curing adhesive makes on-site assembly of acrylic (PMMA/Perspex®/Plexiglass®) sneeze screens, sneeze guards and shop fittings quick and easy.

The adhesive is a single part product, which cures in seconds under the UV torch light. It is crystal clear and non-yellowing once cured, which results in an aesthetically more pleasing join that mechanical methods such as screws, nuts and bolts. Using Permabond UV639 for bonding acrylic to acrylic, or acrylic to metal brackets/supporting feet also eliminates the need for drilling into the acrylic, which reduces the risk of damage and leaves a smooth, tidy join, which is much easier to wipe clean – an important consideration in covid screen and shop fitting applications. An additional health advantage of this adhesive is that it is solvent free, unlike many other popular acrylic adhesives.

UV639 can also be used to bond other materials such as polycarbonate, composites, glass, metals and even PETG, providing at least one of the components is clear and the UV light can reach the adhesive to cure it.

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