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Permabond - Fully committed to uninterrupted supply during the Coronavirus pandemic

Following the announcement by the Italian government that all but essential businesses had to cease their operations, we are very proud to announce that Permabond's production facilities in Milan, are allowed to remain fully operational under the "life-sustaining business" exception. This is due in part, to the importance of our adhesives for medical devices and ventilators at this time, but also due to the many other essential industries that rely on the continuation of supply of our adhesives for their production and operations, such as automotive/agricultural vehicle repairs, transport/rail, plumbing, pumps & valves, filters, oil & gas, fire protection, communications, civil engineering, to name just a few. Our operations in the USA, China and the UK also remain open.

Paolo Grossi, General Manager says, “we are fully committed to maintaining the supply of our engineering adhesives to all our customers, some of whom are experiencing unprecedented demand for their products. We are constantly evaluating our supply chain and have acted quickly to increase stocks of raw materials to ensure we can continue to meet all our customers’ adhesive needs. With unprecedented high demand for ventilators and medical devices we have also taken swift action to increase production of the medical device adhesives that are critical in those applications. As a company we feel a very strong duty to help in any way we can throughout this crisis, and we are very proud that we are able to do so.”

We are doing all of this with the health & safety of our employees as our highest priority. Steps we have taken to protect our staff, their families and communities include, but are not limited to:

  • Sanitization and more frequent and thorough cleaning routines at all our sites

  • Restricted site access. Limited to when absolutely necessary and to those wearing gloves and masks only

  • Suspension of all business trips and face to face customer visits

  • Increased use of video conferencing for internal and external meetings

  • Remote working for all staff, whose roles enable them to do so

  • Production staff issued with PPE (gloves and masks)

  • Social distancing rules in our workplaces to reduce exposure

  • Mandatory isolation for anyone showing even the mildest of symptoms

We would like to thank all our employees who have been working tirelessly to overcome the challenges of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic, in order to fulfil their duties to our customers, and we would also like to thank our suppliers for the work they are continuing to do, to ensure a reliable supply chain.

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