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New no odour adhesives for difficult to bond plastics

PERMABOND® is expanding its range of adhesives for low surface energy plastics, with the addition of two new no odour products, Permabond TA4630 and TA4631. These adhesives have been developed to meet the needs of manufacturers needing to join components made from difficult to bond plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and even acetal (POM), without surface pre-treatment, while at the same time addressing demands for reduced odour, both during production and after the adhesive has cured on the assembled parts.

These products not only perform well on low surface energy plastics, they are also ideal for bonding dissimilar materials such as polyimide, carbon fibre, rubber, stainless steel and other metals.

The odourless feature of these adhesives makes them particularly well suited to applications in automotive interiors, or children's toys, where residual smell may be undesirable.

Key features of the products include:

  • No odour during application = improved operator comfort

  • No residual odour on bonded components

  • Suitable for bonding dissimilar materials including metals, composites, rubber, polyolefins (PP/PE/LDPE), PTFE and even acetal/POM!

  • TA4630 is black and contains spacer beads for applications where gap control is important

  • TA4631 is translucent white and does not contain spacer beads, for smaller gaps and tighter fitting parts

  • Suitable for e-coated metals

  • Rapid, room temperature cure

  • No flame or plasma treatment required

  • 1:1 mix ratio and conveniently supplied in dual cartridges

  • TA4631 is also supplied in 25ml dual syringes – no dispensing gun required

Available in: 10 x 50ml cartridges 6 x 400ml cartridges Bulk packaging on request TA4631 is also available in 15 x 25ml dual syringes

Download PDF • 1.88MB


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