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Permabond F201 - Rubber Toughened, Flexible Anaerobic Sealant

Rubber toughened anaerobic sealant
Rubber toughened anaerobic sealant

Anaerobic sealants are generally very hard, rigid adhesives, which perform well in compression, torsion and shear but are notoriously brittle in applications where there could be peel or cleavage stresses. In applications where dissimilar metals are being bonded, regular anaerobic sealants may struggle to flex to accommodate differential expansion and contraction, especially when there are broad temperature fluctuations or sudden thermal shock. But there is no need to dismiss anaerobic adhesives and sealants in these demanding applications! Permabond F201 is rubber toughened, which enables the cured adhesive to flex in applications where there are high peel stresses, thermal shock and differential expansion and contraction.

Permabond F201 is popular with boiler manufacturers, copper cylinder manufacturers and installers and is ideal for joining copper/brass pipework connections to other metals. It can be used instead of welding, brazing or soldering and is much easier to achieve leak free joints. It eliminates the risk of pin prick weld holes and removes the need for high risk processes involving naked flames.

Other benefits of this product include:

· High peel strength - 100 N/25mm on aluminium - ten times higher than a regular anaerobic adhesive!

· Single component - no mixing required

· Full cure at room temperature on close fitting metal parts

· Handling time on mild steel <15 minutes

· WRAS approval - safe for use with drinking water systems

If the viscosity of F201 does not meet your requirements, Permabond F200 offers lower viscosity and F202 offers higher viscosity.

Products are available in

-10 x 50ml bottles

-5 x 200ml bottles

-1 x 2 litre bulk

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F20X Flyer 2021 UK
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